How do I create a new poll?

1) Click ‘Create Poll’ link from the top bar menu bar


2) Select the poll template:


a) Multiple-choice - select this template in case there are more than 2 sides to the poll, or in case there are only 2 sides but you prefer a standard/vertical poll interface

b) Head-to-head - select this template in case there are only 2 sides in the poll and you prefer a horizontal poll interface


3) Select the type


a) Social poll

Voting with a social profile is optional (voter decides).
Select this type if you would like to encourage users to vote with their social profile, but don't want to prevent them from voting if they prefer not to. This type of poll usually results with a high voting engagement level and is recommended for most scenarios.

b) Social vote

Voting requires a social profile.
Select this type in case the meta-data of the votes (i.e. social & demographic details of the voters) is important or in case you want to improve the poll authenticity by requiring social profiles for voting. This type of poll is recommended for online elections & competitions and usually results with a high social sharing percentage.

c) Standard poll

Voting is anonymous, the social layer is removed.
Select this type if you would like the polls to be as simple as possible or in case you are only interested in the results of the poll, and not in the additional social functionality and data. This type of poll usually results with a high voting engagement level, but a low social sharing percentage.

4) Write the question & answers


a) Write a question - It’s recommended to phrase a question that is simple & clear and avoid ambiguity

b) Add answers - It’s recommended to offer all the answers that can be relevant to the question and to avoid overlap between the answers (so it is easy for user to select the answer/s)

c) Set if more than one answer is allowed, you can also limit the # of answers allowed if needed

d) set if the poll is private, in case you don't want anyone to see the vote besides users you sent the poll page link to


5) ‘look & feel settings’ section (optional)


a) Select the interface language of the poll

b) Select the poll style so that it best matches the style of your site, premium accounts can create their own custom style 

c) Set poll size - in case, your site is adopted for mobile environments, it is recommended to use one of the “auto-fit to location” options

6) ‘Social sharing’ section 

a) Set if a social sharing dialog is displayed automatically after voting

b) Set if the social icons are displayed on the top of the poll

c) Customize the social sharing attributes (link, message & image) of the Facebook/Twitter/Google sharing dialog displayed to users. If you keep this section empty, optimized defaults will be used based on the poll location 

d) Set if social profiles of the voters are displayed on the interface

e) Set if social voters are allowed to hide their profile

f)  Set if the social filter bar is displayed and which social filters are displayed to voters

7) ‘Poll settings’ section (optional)

a) Set if the results are displayed before voting, after voting or only to the poll creator in the results dashboard

b) Set if number of votes is displayed to the voters

c) Configure how the sides are displayed, sides with most votes on top or according to the order in which the poll sides were initially created

d) Configure if you would like to block repeat voting using an IP address so that voters can't vote more than once from the same location/computer

e) Configure to close the poll automatically at a specific time (verify that you configured the time zone in the account settings to match your time zone)

f) Change the result scaling to a custom one (relevant for election polls)

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