Where should I place the polls?

Following are some ideas on areas where you can place your polls:

1) In articles/posts - when placing polls inside articles or posts it is recommended to either (a) place them high-up in the article so they get the most attention, and as result more votes & shares OR (b) locate them just above the comment section so that together, the two components complement each other

2) Side bar - to get the most out of side bar polls it is recommended to locate it over the fold so that it is noticeable and creates a lot of engagement

3) Poll section in site - a section in the site in which you display polls (e.g. daily poll, user voice section, etc)

4) Facebook fan page - if you do not already have a Facebook fan page, it is very easy to create one. With Opinion Stage, adding a poll to a Facebook page is just 2-clicks 

5) Poll Page on Opinion Stage - by default, a poll page with the poll you created is displayed on the Opinion Stage site. If you do not have a site or Facebook page you can direct your voters to this page

Note that you can place the same poll in multiple places in parallel if you like.

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